For the development of fuel cell industry, the most critical point is the cathode oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) due to the sluggish kinetic process.we successfully fabricated a familyof F-doped cheap carbon-based electrocatalysts (BP-F) for ORR in alkaline medium.The maximum power density of ADMFC with BP-18F as cathode outperforms the ADMFC withcommercialPt/C as cathode. Thesenovel metal-free electrocatalysts are the most promising alternatives to Pt for the application in alkalinefuel cells.

      The voltages and power densities of ADMFCs at 60oC with (square) BP-18F (3 mg/cm2) and (star) Pt/C (60 wt %, 3 mg Pt/cm2) as cathodes, respectively. Anode: Pt/C (60 wt %, 3 mg Pt/cm2) with 2 M methanol in 2 M KOH with a flow rate of 5 mL/min, cathode: dry oxygen with flow rate of 100 mL/min